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Lucius is a depressive young man, who suffers from severe insomnia.

He makes incredible drawings.

He can also invade dreams.

After three sleepless nights, Lucius’s body collapses when doing a presentation at his work. He seeks treatment and checks himself into a clinic, where the doctors experiment on people by putting them to sleep in high-tech beds that capture images from dreams and project them into monitors, so they can be watched live.

Soon, Lucius discovers that when he is in a session at the same time as other volunteers, he can invade their dreams.

He enters a staggering universe filled with horror, adventure, drama, and puzzling situations that never fail to amaze but also leave him standing over the line between reality and imagination.

Struggling with his condition, Lucius will face the greatest challenge of his life. Can he become a superhero of dreams?


English version
Versión en español

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